You may have heard of the Law of attraction, this infinite energy supply way out there in the universe and how some people swear that they can connect or tap into this infinite energy to make important changes in their lives. If you feel that you are lacking in energy or if your body is complaining that something is wrong,

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Like them or hate them, avocados have a huge range of health benefits. Native to Central Mexico, there is evidence of their usage dating back thousands of years. They are filled to overflowing with compounds that are essential for good heart health and each avocado has numerous nutrients and an abundance of antioxidants.

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Parsley has been around for a long time, in fact for more than 2000 years. The benefits of this wonderful old herb are quite diverse; and have many more uses than just as a garnish, adding colour to your plate. It contains multiple vitamins and is rich in vitamins C, B 12, A and K so is also excellent for boosting your immune system keeping you healthy all year round. It is reported that parsley contains the highest concentrated amount of vitamins C within a green plant. Parsley also contains magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron and phosphorus.

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Regrets we all have them. Some are missed opportunities in life and some are because we hang in there when situations are dragging us down emotionally and physically. So why do we let regrets affect our here and now or let our lives hang in the balance of unhappiness?

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Negative self-talk is common amongst the masses these days. We are all guilty of it to a degree but why and when did that start to happen? Instead of recognising just how great we are, we instantly think the opposite. Why? If you are going through a hard time, emotionally or physically you will no doubt experience off days. It’s easy to see why anyone gets a little down on themselves when things go wrong. You are in pain, you just lost your job or you just broke up with the love of your life. Maybe you blame yourself? You didn’t work hard enough in your job and you slacked off a bit, you didn’t give your partner the attention that was deserved.
What happened to that fantastic sense of self-esteem that used to make you get yourself back up and dust yourself off? When did you start questioning every [...]

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There is no doubt that getting fit can be an ever increasingly hard challenge. Your mind may say get up and get on with it, but your body much prefers its slumped position on the sofa. In order to get fit and to keep your weight levels healthy, you have to get active and there is no way around that. This might take a tremendous effort on your part but surprisingly, you may really enjoy it.
So what can you do to really make fitness your personal guru starting from now?
First of all decide what type of exercise you do like. You may hate going to the gym but enjoy long walks. Don’t torture yourself on the treadmill in which case, plan a route in the countryside that will stimulate your senses and take your mind off the fact that you are exercising. If you prefer team sports then think about [...]

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No-one enjoys feeling pain although it is something that we all experience at some time throughout our lives. Chronic pain can drag you down to the pits of despair but the cure to easing the pain can be complex itself. To start with, you have to understand that stress can be instrumental in making the pain worse and this is because your emotional state of mind can have a large and negative impact on stress. It may not always be the case of course, pain is bad at the best of times and pain experienced over a long period of time can be very difficult to manage. Fear and anxieties can increase the potential to hurt more.
When you are deeply stressed- injured or sick and perhaps laid off work for some time, you may find that you are worried about your finances, and your career. Or you may find that your [...]

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Feeling bored, trapped or listless? There are times in your life when you might feel positively stuck be it in a relationship, a job or even in a house that you dislike.  You might feel confused as to the direction of your life, be grieving over the death of someone special or have simply ended a relationship – good or bad. Change whilst being inevitable can be unsettling, even terrifying. Feeling dissatisfied and uncertain is worse than when you have made a decision even if that decision calls for even more change.
If you want to increase the balance in your life a little more and to start taking control of your own personal situation, you can utilize the power of an age old system known as Feng Shui. The Feng Shui belief states that your living space is intrinsically connected to you and by making some simple changes; you can [...]

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Feeling fatigued? Have your energy levels taken a nose dive of late? You may be one of the millions of people across the world who is suffering from anaemia. This condition – also known as iron deficiency can affect you in a number of ways. You may feel a little dizzy, experience heart palpitations and headaches; you may look less than healthy with a haggard appearance. You may feel weak and have a poorer memory. Women may also find that it has a negative effect on their periods and makes them feel more tired than usual at this time. All in all, iron deficiency can have a real impact on your life and the symptoms are less than pleasant.
It’s very easy to become deficient of this mineral too. Your diet is likely to be the main cause of anaemia, too often we eat on the run or we turn to a [...]

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No-one can deny the attractiveness of having healthy looking hair. Many people strive to achieve their shining crowning glory by investing in an abundance of hair care products that may not be as healthy for your hair as you might think. Nevertheless, the hair care industry grows from strength to strength.
Long or short hair that shines and is cared for looks wonderful. It’s not just about how your hair looks of course, it’s about how it makes you feel.  When your hair looks good, you feel more confident as a result. Most people enjoy a session at the hairdressers; somehow it’s the epitome of pure indulgence. If your hair has outgrown a previous style, it can feel wonderful to have it cut and the head massage during the wash, is worth the visit alone.
So we are prepared to invest time, effort and money into making sure that our hair is [...]

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"Chiaseeds has changed my life. I'm now a new man!" Lewis Ainslie (Designer)
"Chiaseeds has changed my life. I'm now a new man!" Lewis Ainslie (Designer)