Chia Seeds Are Amazing!

Are you looking to add a little extra pep to your step?  Hoping to replace unhealthy processed snacks with something fun and new that can contribute to your health in a positive way?

Then you need to check out chia seeds!

Although these tiny kernels aren’t widely known, they pack a powerfully healthy punch that’s been shown to even out blood sugar levels, increase satiety between meals and snacks, and even reduce or eliminate the symptoms of high blood pressure, diabetes, GERD (gastroesophogeal reflux disease) and a number of other ailments through their naturally high levels of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

But what are chia seeds?  And how can you start using them today to take advantage of these incredible health benefits?

For starters, chia seeds are, as you might expect, the seeds of the chia plant, known amongst the scientific community by its taxonomical name, Salvia hispanica (no, not “that” kind of salvia…).  Chia seeds have been cultivated around the world for more than 500 years and have always been valued for their ability to improve health and sustain warriors and athletes through long feats of endurance.

Chia seeds range in color from white to grey to brown, and although they themselves are quite small, they can absorb up to nine times their weight in water when used to create the popular “chia gel.”

Typically, chia seeds are consumed in three different ways:

  • On their own, as a stand-alone snack or when incorporated into cereals, trail mixes and other dried snack foods.
  • As a chia gel, which is created by combining one part chia seeds with six to nine parts water and consumed as is or in a smoothie, yogurt or pudding.
  • Ground up as “chia flour”, which can be incorporated into pancakes, waffles, breads and other baked goods.

No matter how you decide to consume your chia seeds, you’ll receive the same great health benefits, which stem from their naturally ideal nutritional composition.  Chia seeds are incredibly high in both soluble and insoluble fiber (in fact, a one ounce serving of the seeds contains roughly 42% of the recommended daily fiber intake for a person consuming a 2,000 calorie per day diet), which helps to prevent blood sugar crashes and leave you feeling fuller after eating.

In addition, chia seeds represent one of the fewest natural sources of complete proteins available to vegetarians and contain several times more Omega-3 fatty acids than can be found in standard servings of either fish or fish oil supplements.  Add in the naturally high amounts of calcium, boron, phosphorus and other vital compounds, you’ve got one heck of a potent snack!

To learn more about chia seeds and how to incorporate this super food into your diet, check out our various pages on the history of chia seeds, a more detailed discussion of the health benefits of chia seeds and even a listing of different recipes to get you started.  We’ll also discuss the possible side effects of consuming chia seeds – and how to eliminate them entirely – in order to make chia seeds a positive and healthful addition to your life.

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